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See the list of top recommended insurance lead companies for 2017 below.

  • QuoteWizard Marketing
    ☏ 877-958-9116

    QuoteWizard offers a high-volume selection of search generated insurance leads with shared and live-transfer (WizardCalls) options

    Available Lines: Auto, Home, Health, Medicare, Renter

    Get Started With $150 in Free Leads from QuoteWizard
  • Hometown Quotes
    ☏ 720-709-2079

    Hometown Quotes was founded by insurance agents. The company provides quality leads and a helpful support team composed of 100% licensed insurance agents.

    Available Lines: Auto, Home, Life, Renter, Final Expense

    Get Started With a 50% Match (Up to $500) from Hometown Quotes
  • Precise Leads
    ☏ 855-587-1314

    Precise Leads provides a nice combination of quality, dependable volume and extensive lead selection across every state in the US.

    Available Lines: Auto, Home, Life, Health, Medicare, Renter, Final Expense, LTC, Annuity

    Get Started with a 25% Discount for 90 Days from Precise Leads